Friday, July 11, 2014

Anti Tenure Law Suits Spreading To New York, Conn, And PA

Treu’s ruling on tenure is like the huge boulder dropped from high into the pond
Sending out tidal waves of change near and beyond
Parents, concerned about dead end schools in New York, Connecticut and PA
Are in early stages of suits to the crippling effect of tenure slay
The president of the FTA slams the anti tenure lawsuit trend
Hoping it will go away and might soon end
Bemoans that for students to win, teachers must lose
Ignores the growing charter school movement where parents choose
Couple tenure with mandatory dues flowing into the creation of the Education Codes
A lesson plan of influence that makes it impossible for the inept to be able to unload
If I were a teacher with idealism to make teaching an agent of change career
Having as co-teachers inept, burnt out men and women would cause me great fear
How could someone put all the extra effort into work each day
When tenured cohorts were going through the motions not earning their pay
Worse, what about the teacher whose class is now full of an earlier grade whose teacher failed in that person’s job?
Would cause the good and the great teachers to want to tear out their hair, have a stiff drink and sob.
After years of turning legislatures into puppets pulled by the teachers’ union strings
Removing or curtailing tenure would allow a chance for really learning to spring
Since the legislatures addicted to the flow of union contributions in a steady stream
The courts not dependent on contributions will have to be the venue for our kids to achieve the American Dream
If the unions were interested in kids as opposed to lifetime jobs and more money to waste
They would want to remove the inept while our public failing schools remain a continuing disgrace
Make no mistake this will be a spreading court fight by the unions fought tooth and nail
And for the sake of parents and kids, this is a battle in which the unions must not prevail
© July 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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