Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hamas Rockets Unrestrained Obama Urges Israeli Restraint--How Many Israelis Must Die Before Israel Can Strike Back?ssJ

Hamas is sending rockets by the hour into Israel from the Gaza strip
While we continue our aid to Hamas at a near 500 million dollar yearly clip
The rockets in large numbers daily continue to fly
Once again on a crisis Obama has taken a bye
Silence from the White House against Hamas as Israeli jets strike to its nation defend
For each Hamas rocket launched we should cut back by a million the aid we send
On the kidnap-murders of three Israeli teens one of whom was an American, Obama gives service from the lip
But on the revenge death of a Palestinian in Israel he’s on the phone lickety split
Quick to in an Israeli paper to lecture Israel in an Op Ed
Urging restraint while Israelis are running to put bomb shelters over their heads
A White House that does not know in the slightest what transparency means
Demands from Israel a transparent investigation when beating a cousin is virally seen
This White House finds it almost impossible to growth of Islamic terrorism admit
Denying such growth emboldens it and insures the terrorists will not quit
How do you expect a country to exercise restraint when rockets are raining down on their heads?
Only when the sheer number launched pierce the Iron Dome and Israelis start ending up dead?
The Israelis seem to be doing everything to minimize civilian dead
From warning leaflets and dropping dummy bombs first on targets of the real bombs ahead
Israel is defending its citizens with missiles and Hamas is defending its missiles with kids
This is but another reason why Hamas is a terror group from this world we would like to rid
Racism and anti-Semitism are charges that should be leveled with extreme care
Leveled at the drop of the hat, it cheapens the vileness of the act and is not fair
But watching this White House words, acts and silence, the charge of anti-Semitism is foursquare
The only silver lining in this mess is two fold
One, Jewish voters for anything Blue this fall their votes will withhold
Second, the U.S. and the EU might develop some backbone with respect to Iran’s nukes
Increase and reinstate really crippling sanctions, put the military option on the table instead of mild verbal rebukes
© July 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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