Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kerry On Open Mike Disdains Israel FAA Bans US Flights To Tel Aviv

Kerry caught on an open mike expressing his views on Israel with sarcastic disdain
While Hamas rockets continue to seek Israeli civilians thick as a monsoon rain
This Administration has toward Israel’s right to exist only service of the lip
While half of its citizens are running for shelters under Hamas’ rocket launching grip
When does the President come out and make crystal clear the rockets must stop
That any cease fire when the rockets fly and the tunnels still exist will be a complete flop
If any funds in any way direct or indirect go to Hamas those funds must be blocked
Any cease fire will be a mistake if Hamas uses it to its rockets now spent restock
We must have intelligence to determine the any of the rockets’ country of source
Time for some pressure from us and the world to have those suppliers alter course
Using rockets that cannot be precisely in anyway aimed
Only hoping that somehow they pierce the Iron Dome and civilians kill or maim
Sounds like war crimes and it is now time to start going after the Hamas heads
Capture if you can for trial but otherwise drone them dead
Let’s encourage Israel to bulldoze at least a one or two mile, completely leveled zone
With walls, sensors to digging tunnels detect and thousands of mines
To make it a death zone for Hamas to tunnel and to try to leave Gaza behind
Hamas open mike notwithstanding has the blood of Gaza civilians on its hands
There must be a way to aid Palestinians who want to Hamas violent ways withstand
Shutting down an international airport by the FAA to US flights
Is but another reason why we must do everything to help Israel win this fight.
© July 22, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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