Thursday, July 17, 2014

Three Good Sams At Lowe's In Staten Island Repaird Vietnam Vet's Wheelchair

Here’s a news item out of Staten Island that just warms your heart
That we are a charitable nation with men of compassion waiting to do their part
A Vietnam Vet lost both legs in 1971 stepping on a land mine
Fighting with the callous VA’s delaying line
A replacement wheel chair should not be a big deal
Yet this Vet endured two years of steady failing appeals
Lost in the waiting list of the VA’s bureaucratic haze
Try a Vet’s soul no wonder Vets are angry and seemed craze
Finally in a Lowe’s store with his wheel chair on its last legs or wheels
It broke apart devastating this Vet into depression he could not conceal
Three Lowe’s employees came to his aid to repair
His only reed to mobility—his now broken wheelchair
Past closing time away from family, dinner and home
These three worked to repair, acts of compassion to be shone
Not a penny asked not a dime accepted in their minds an honor to step into the breach
To be of service to those who sacrificed so much what a great lesson to teach
Lowe’s of Staten Island you restore my faith in this nation’s men of good will
While a noncaring VA makes me want to shiver in disgust, like gagging on a bitter pill  
© July 17, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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