Monday, July 7, 2014

Obama Pleads For Calm As Rockets Fly Dithers While IS Declares A Caliphate

As the rockets fly from Gaza into Israel and our only ally strikes back
Our CinC interrupts his fund raising to plead for calm to cease the tit for tat
It is perhaps hypocritical for a Nobel Peace Prize recipient to plead
For an end to violence, an end to innocents having to die or bleed
While when it comes to ISIS now IS to completely sit on his hands
While the fanatical jihadists keep marching with immunity along the Iraqi sands
How many dollars does this President have to rake in?
In his quest to insure the Blues in the Senate win
Before he believes the coffers he did fully sate
So he can reinvent himself as a CinC and head of state?
His foreign policy is in shambles; the border on the south is a complete mess
Immobilized any forcible action his instincts must suppress
Jimmy Carter to his credit during the crisis of the hostages in Tehran
LBJ to his credit after Tet watching the division in this great land
One remained chained to the White House; the other to heal did not run
Contrast to our President who is only good at beating the fund raising drum
Time for our President to try to lead not with pen or a speech
But with actions, honesty and transparency you promised for our votes to beseech
© July 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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