Monday, July 21, 2014

Gov. Perry On Illegals Acts Nothing But Photo Ops From Barack

Before Texas was a state it was an independent republic for nine years
Only fitting that Rick Perry after several frustrated years
Is calling out the Texas National Guard to pick up the federal slack
To secure its border a goal which Obama completely lacks
It will not be cheap but Texas at least has a surplus and the cost can afford
At the river’s edge to turn back the stream of illegals who want to come aboard
The left and mainstream media will most likely call the move inhumane
And on the Reds for lack of immigration reform try to heap plenty of blame
For in the view of their leaders like a deceptive Reid, the border is secure
Totally ignoring the impression of amnesty that if you cross is a powerful illegal lure
If Reid and Obama would only visit the border to see what Texans are having to endure
Drugs, social costs and cartel gangs and diseases that are drug resistant to cure
We might get some secure the border relief
Instead of this flood of minors exposed to major grief
The most humane thing to do is to immediately deport so families would not to the dangerous journey their children expose
Would cause the flood to immediately dry up for the word would go out “don’t pay the coyotes for the border is now closed
Then and only then would a rebuilding of trust start to exist
Rational debate could begin and blame game start to desist
California too shares with Texas a common thread, common bond
In addition to a porous border a thought on Brown that dawn
For two months the California Republic did exist
Why does not Brown ape Perry and call out the Guard for this flood to resist?
© July 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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