Monday, July 21, 2014

The Blood Of Flight 17 Is On Putin's Hands

It seems clear that Evil Empire Russian Bear has come out of hibernation
A rogue animal breaking all rules of humanity and civilization
Shooting down Flight 17 with a sophisticated rocket named Buk
The rest of the planet this act of terror in one voice should rebuke
The thugs who killed almost 300 innocents were either Russian special ops
Or separatists who must have received months of training nonstop
In either event they must have needed Russian radar assistance to track the plane
Yet the insanity that exists enables Putin to blame for these deaths Ukraine
Another short speech by our CinC from the lead from behind page
Short on acts but long on rage
Reagan called a spade a spade but he also called on Congress to spend on the military more
While we giving pink slips to our warriors and showing them the door
Poets make poor statesmen or politicians but here are few suggests
That up the ante, isolate the Bear and Putin’s dreams of empire arrest
Effective immediately all Aeroflot flights out of Russia are blocked
All military cuts in spending end even if we have to go further into hock
All future sanctions we believe we might have to put in place are put in place today
Effective immediately no country will accept the ruble for debts the Russians have to pay
Whatever weapons Ukraine needs we will begin to supply
Keystone is immediately approved and our increasing natural gas we start to liquefy
So Europe now held hostage to the Bear’s gas will not be held out to dry
And we and Russia should insist the parties a peaceful solution try
Why any ethnic Russian in Ukraine would want to hitch his star to Russia boggles the mind
A second rate economy that can only fall further and further behind
If Putin is serious, then the leaders of the separatists who call the flight 17 shot
Should be handed over as war criminals and who should in prison forever rot.
Maybe this was a legitimate mistake and Flight 17 was thought to be a Ukrainian military plane
But the attempt to hide the evidence suggests that such an excuse is only lame
© July 21, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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