Thursday, July 3, 2014

IS Seizes Syria's Largest Oil Field President Obama Still MIA

The news out of Syria and Iraq gets more depressing each and every day
A caliphate has been declared; when will more terror be coming our way?
Now the news is that IS has taken over Syria’s largest oil field
10,000 barrels a day as its continuing yield
Two million bucks a day a lot of weapons and jihadist buys
Each one committed to the cause of seeing Americans die
Our President dithers and lollygags in his state of MIA
His failed foreign policy on Islamic terror in complete disarray
Too little too late in finally seeking to Syrian “moderates” assist
In their struggle to Assad’s genocide resist
While the oil markets are facing an Iraqi melt down complete
On Keystone and drilling due to Steyer’s green, our leader is dragging his feet
He is up to the challenge of the Reds with a bring it on gauntlet thrown down
While releasing Taliban terrorists ready for another attack on the U.S. go around
Loves to talk about the pen and climate change
While the IS temperatures climb into the stratospheric range
Time for this President for duty to finally report
Even if he alienates his base by approving Keystone and the new flood of aliens deports
One less fundraiser and more time with the brass and the diplomats in the Situation Room
Ere we are headed into disaster with IS terror arriving in the Homeland very, very soon
© July 3, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet  

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