Sunday, July 13, 2014

When Do We Call Up The Guard To Secure The Border?

If the law requires that nonborder aliens have to have a hearing before they can be deported
Which is the justification now being reported
Obama has two choices to select
First and proper, change the law he should elect
The other like he routinely did for Obamacare
Ignore the law, by pen deport them and end this sordid affair
He will do neither and the flood of illegals will not abate
Now being bussed without notice to nonborder states
If we expect these illegals to their deportation hearings report
We are insane if we believe they will appear so we can deport
Once they are from a detention facility released they will be here until they die
No wonder the flood of illegal children continues to be high.
McCain demands ankle bracelets with GPS
If not removed which they would, we might find their address
Rather than spend 4 billion we do not have that will not add to the border patrol today
Time for this President to use his pen and call up the National Guard without delay
With TV cameras rolling to the border the National Guard send
Turn the children back and the coyotes with them apprehend
Distribute leaflets with photos of the border secure and illegals being turned back
This wave of illegals in buses and on trains across Mexico will be dead in its tracks
Typical--unless the new wave of illegals can somehow to climate change linked
Obama will do nothing; he would rather fundraise or play pool with a beer to drink.
© July 13, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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