Friday, July 11, 2014

Anthrax and Bird Flu Issues Force Closure of CDC Lab--Scary Thought

Most of us would agree that the government seems to be broken beyond repair
Red and Blue bitter charges and blame against each other continue to flare
When it comes to trying to find a solution to any issue all go into MAD
We poor mere mortals despite all our tax dollars feel that we have been had
Perhaps worse than the rancor and bitterness and parties going over the top
There is a feeling that both the integrity and competence levels continue to drop
And belief in government agencies continues to degrade
Look only to the VA and Vets dropping like flies while bogus bonuses were paid
Or the creation and roll out of that crashed and burned before Sibelius’s very eyes
We saw firsthand the highest level of incompetence that wasted money could buy
To our horror the agency that stands in the forefront of keeping us safe from bugs and germs
Evidently has a lot about safety and precautions to learn
The CDC revealed after several days that anthrax and avian flu viruses were not handled in its labs right
People dying from anthrax and bird flu pandemics is not a pretty a sight
Nor from small pox which was just discovered in some vials and after all these years would be able to mark and kill
If the CDC which is the lab to the world makes these mistakes it sends a shiver and a chill
What the federal government does well even if politics are removed is a diminishing list
No wonder the belief that our government is broken continues to more and more exist
Speaking of chills if there is one thing our government continues to do well
It wastes and burns money to heat the social fabric to temperatures many degrees higher than hell.
© July 11, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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