Monday, July 7, 2014

Illegal Alien Kids and Germs Pouring Across U.S. Borders While Obama Raises Money for DNC

When it comes to economics the world has no borders as we have learned
Now we must remember that rule applies also to deadly microbes and germs
Our nonborder is under a Central American migrant surge
Thousands coming here with a belief that has emerged
Cross the border and this administration will not deport
Our border security comes up completely short
This is a humanitarian crisis that breaks the hearts and mind boggles the minds
Obama knew this was coming; once again he cannot claim to it he was blind
This is also a health crisis that we must quickly address
How many cases of TB, malaria, or dengue fever will we now have to try to suppress?
When the Head of Homeland Security on Meet the Press
Refuses to answer whether deportations will occur, no way these rising numbers will be depressed.
Fleeing or in desperation sending your children with coyotes to from poverty flee
Is sad, and truly tragic but does not make these aliens asylum needing refugees
Where is our CinC? Is he at the border line?
Not a chance MIA again raising money for DNC is how leadership he defines
If this exodus from Central America does not stop
Any aid to those governments to zero must drop
Time for a real shovel ready project that would thousands immediately employ
A wall thick and high manned by the National Guard to be deployed
The master of the sound bite and the photo op needs to roll the cameras as the buses depart
Not to Murrieta and into the Homeland but back across the borders where this migration has its start
© July 7, 2014 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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