Monday, October 31, 2016

A Tale Of Two Corrupt Peas In A Pod Clinton And Kane

When it comes to corruption in political office no party, no gender has a monopoly or an exclusive license to steal
The news out of Pennsylvania that sobering truism recently revealed
Kathleen Kane, a rising star for the Blues, was elected in 2012 to become the state’s AG
She was the first women and first Blue to hold the office and with her vows to fight corruption high hopes for  her political legacy
A rising star for the Blues in an already Blue state
Who could have ever foreseen what would become her fate
What the voters did not know is that Kane sadly shared with Hillary  common traits
First and foremost Kane was paranoid which in describing Hillary there can be no debate
Second like the Clintons’ going after opponents on their infamous enemies list
Kane sadly was prone to personal vendettas and bending the truth she found hard to resist
Third like Hillary Clinton a fatal character flaw
Kane as the judge state believed she was above the law
Three common traits a disaster waiting to erupt
With a vengeance when she stopped an investigation of fellow Blues alleged to be corrupt
The Philadelphia Inquirer doing its job as a member of a free press
Ran an article claiming an investigation started by her predecessor that she would suppress
Then in a revenge rage due to being made to look bad indicated in emails that on him she would wage war
Leaked confidential grand jury intel to damage him from one of his investigations and then falsely swore
That it was not her who had leaked the info to the press
Soon charged with obstruction and perjury to her distress
Tried, convicted and now sentenced to 12 to 23 months pending appeal
Amazing that once again just like Hillary the crime is always less than the attempt to conceal
Two women politicians with similar traits only the motivations differ
One for money and power the other for revenge,  who should receive the penalties stiffer?
© October 31, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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