Monday, October 24, 2016

Trump's The Bull HRC The Bear

In the legal world if you have the facts or law you argue what you argue either
Or pound on the table if have neither
In the political world a politician with a failed record and a three decade scandal marked career
You demonize your opponent, avoid the issues and spread against him fear
Peter Navarro wrote an article about Trump as a Bull and Hillary as the Bear
As the effects on our markets the results of the elections to compare
Hillary who wants to raise taxes and increase crippling regulations by the feds
Has managed to somehow make this an election on Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women instead
Her husband’s pushing of NAFTRA and getting China in to the WTO has cost this nation millions of jobs and put this nation deeply into the red
We used to run a surplus with Mexico and now it has reverted to 60 billion a year instead
She once called the TPP the gold standard of multinational trade deals
But is trying to make us believe that notwithstanding her “open borders” that is not how she really feels
Look only to the deal she put in place with South Korea that resulted in 70,000 jobs lost
With her record of dishonesty and contributions from Wall Street more likely than not she’ll flip regardless of to our economy cost
Until we somehow our rising trade deficit address
Our growth rates will be during her term suppressed
Here’s what Navarro wants us to remember when on the 8th when we go to the polls
Each one percent decrease in GDP means another 1.2 million new jobless souls
The only jobs she has ever created are the almost 1,000 campaign workers hired
But only temporary since when election over most if not all will be fired.
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