Thursday, October 13, 2016

U.S. Navy Birthday And Iran Plays Naval Chicken

Ironic yet symbolic on the founding of the U.S. Navy on this day in 1775
Iran moves two warships near Aden to its games of naval chicken against us revive
After being fired on twice by Iranian back Houthi rebels the U.S. Navy had to act
It destroyed several Houthi radar sites with lethal cruise missile attacks
The Iranians emboldened by the tepid response from the U.S. fleet
When the Iranians boarded a patrol craft without a shot fired no wonder they believe we are effete
Worse this administration is publicly announcing the from the Saudi led coalition against Yemen it may withdraw
Abandoning an “ally” is so typical of the weakness that may prove to be another Obama fatal flaw
The Saudis may not be a perfect ally but they are probably wondering whether they should to Russia turn
 Iranians mock us, and the Saudis must feel that once again an ally just like Israel Obama will soon spurn
Meanwhile the game of naval chicken ratchets up and fingers move closer to the button to the missiles launch
If American blood is spilled by the Iranians, the reaction by our Navy should be devastating and the blood loss will be hard to staunch
Iran seems bent on picking a fight they cannot win and making the U.S. look weak
Given our past dealings with Iran from the seizure of our embassy so very common hardly unique
Unlike the Soviet Union during the Cold War which had no desire to immolate the nation in a nuclear war that no one could win and all would lose
The Iranians may see massive destruction caused by the infidels as a path to Paradise and the right choice to choose
The legacy of Obama on the Iran nuclear deal will not be a nuclear free Iran
But mushroom clouds in the Middle East and radioactive debris slowly drifting downward to the desert sands  
© October 13, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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