Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Polls Right Or Case Of Media Bias

Ever since “Landslide Lyndon” our elections have always been subject to some voter fraud and abuse
Maybe the myth it has not been widespread has been the left’s excuse
Nixon lost a very close election because of Daly’s bring out the dead to vote
To his credit not like the power lusting Gore, Nixon did not the powers of the courts evoke
Maybe because the agony of a challenge to the legitimacy of the successor of Ike
Is something that a patriot such as Nixon would to his credit dislike
Plus the differences in policy between Kennedy and Nixon were not that extreme
Both could go to the middle ground to achieve the American Dream
Here between the Blues and the Reds we have the a chasm deeper than the Grand Canyon Divide
With a corrupt, lifelong politician willing to do anything to end at the White House her coronation ride
Hillary and her supporters will go to any means illegal or not to her election insure
From the media ignoring her corruption to the conflicts between State and her Foundation blur
On polling to stack the polling sample deck
If a Red why vote as the polls show no chance we will a Trump elect
On voter fraud to always on Trump’s stand on the important issues ignore

Focusing on false sexist accusations so Obama out of office can golf daily but in reality serve four more

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