Sunday, October 30, 2016

30 Percent Of HRC's Supporters Less Likely To Vote For Her

In typical Clinton fashion
Time for some accuser bashin
Indignant howls from the Clinton camp that Comey has violated long standing tradition
The FBI is supposed to be impartial and in reopening the investigation it has violated that mission
Reds applaud the move as they had complained the investigation was flawed from the start
From failing to seize the private server in the beginning and to impanel a grand jury
To the attempted clandestine meeting of Bill and Loretta where Lynch probably told him he had nothing to worry
We know not yet what is on the lap top that Huma and her pervert husband shared
But if sensitive and classified material is on it the Clinton campaign will be in deep despair
This is a campaign where both candidates are guilty of wounds that have been self-inflicted
For Hillary it has been her reflex to always deceive, conceal and have the truth be restricted
From the server to trying to wipe it clean to the pneumonia she could not hide
When it comes to transparency, that trait is always lacking on her side
For Trump it has been his inability to stay on message to stay on focus and rise above personal attacks to ignore
Instead as in the case of the Khans, Miss Universe or Megyn Kelly he keeps the issues alive trying to counter punch them to the floor
Threatening to sue women accusers can only be called a dumb, stupid, vote losing plan
Insuring that it may be impossible for him to win the highest office in the land
Into the ring now steps the FBI and already there are indications that 30 percent of Hillary voters may switch
Make America Great Again and Drain the Swamp to them are becoming a better pitch
This poet would like to give Hillary the benefit of the doubt but given her sordid scandal past cannot
She and her husband are corrupt, their ethics and integrity full of rot
What is troubling is that we will survive four years of Trump or HRC
Even survive a Supreme Court that will follow a liberal, leftist policy
But Obama’s politicized DOG and AG pose a dangerous precedence
That may be overcome if the new emails provide criminal damming evidence
 © October 30, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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