Thursday, October 20, 2016

Marine Corps General To Jail Felon HRC On Campaign Trail

The          The Marine Corps’ philosophy and motto is Semper Fi
                         Always ready to be the first to react to go into harm’s way and for their  
          T             nation to die
The                   Hillary Clinton's motto is to take the money and then always lie
          S             She lied to us, to the Congress and as icing on the cake lied to the FBI
          H             Her integrity wallows in the filth of a porcine sty
          F             For four decades she and her sexual predator husband the rule of law have    
If you t             If you think that we are a nation of laws and justice is blind
          L             Look at what is happening Marine General Cartwright and it will blow your 
A Mar               A Marine four star general “Hoss” Cartwright served his nation with distinction  
40 years           for 40 years 
                        A fighter pilot like all Marine aviators the first to into harm’s way his F-4 to steer
                        Leaked info to a reporter about a cyber attack on Iran’s covert centrifuge 
                        uranium enrichment
                       Then like Hillary misled the FBI and so to prison he most likely will be sent
                       Obama has prosecuted more military leaders than any other president
                       Probably because his policies or lack thereof have weakened our ability to attacks
                       But Hillary who corrupts any institution including the FBI that she and her husband                          get near
                       Thanks to Obama’s orders gets a get out of jail card so before a grand jury she l
                       will not appear
                       Whether you be Red, Independent or Blue
                       Putting someone like Hillary above the law is an act that all of us will regret and rue
                  She has corrupted the DOJ, FBI and her operatives with voter fraud are trying to                         corrupt the ballot box
                  It’s up to us, we deplorable and unredeemables, to on November 8 eradicate this                        corrupt felon pox                               
                                   © October 20, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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