Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Et Tu Ryan, McCain, Romney and Kasich?

It has taken almost 100 years but once again we are facing a major political déjà vu
That barring some really damaging email leaks from WikiLeaks will hand the White House to a most corrupt Blue
One can almost smell the rising dead elephant stench
The chill of four new leftists sitting on the bench
The Republican Party is splitting into two unequal sized parts
Two thirds of which will be anti Beltway populists powered by the beat of a Bull Moose heart
The other the status quo establishment with old ideas from which they could not depart
The epitaph on this elephant’s grave will be a very simple one
“Et Tu Ryan, McCain, Romney, Kaisch your party is toast, it is done”
In January, the long march to socialism will have begun
Led by a woman whose is a paranoid, nontransparent, corrupt felon and liar
Hobbled only by 20 trillion in national debt that will soar even higher
The Greens with the mantra of war on fossil fuels will have a home and may rejoin the Blues
The Libertarians will have a home and after too many pot induced Aleppo moments may be through
The Blues will lose what few moderates or conservatives left like a bad case of dandruff have not yet shed
To an energized and passionate Bull Moose party of angry and frustrated Reds
To the Benedict Arnolds like Ryan, blood is on your hands for our children’s dreams  now dead
Hillary for all her felonious faults has dodged all the scandals and run a winning like campaign
Making it about a bogus war on women by Trump as the economy goes down the drain
Open borders is her media unreported but WikiLeaks clarion call
Forget about stemming the flow of illegals, forget about building a wall
Forget about stopping the flow of unvetted radicalized or easily radicalized refugees
Who will not assimilate and ripe to go on killing Americans here deadly sprees
All the while our military evaporates and our thin Blue Line falls to BLM rhetoric and bullets that maim or kill
Leaving law abiding citizens without guns to defend themselves when police cannot or no longer have the will
Et Tu Ryan, Romney, Kasich and McCain
Have pity on us mere mortals as we really begin to feel the pain  
© October 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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