Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Basement Generation Is The New Lost Generation

One generation is totally lost in space
College degrees with debt so high they will never leave their parents’ place
To Hillary a lost generation for whom the American Dream is a myth
A basement generation flipping burgers or serving coffee or living on parents’ gifts
For Hillary and the Beltway elite prized only for their vote
After that any attention to job creation by them mostly remote
The other generation is represented by Hillary’s daughter living in the fruits of pay to play luxury
A Stanford degree without debt, a ten million dollar apartment, a life devoid of any pain or misery
A 600 k salary at NBC for doing next to squat right out of the blocks
Given the Clintons’ influence peddling mere mortals should not be shocked
Her husband an investment banker at the Clinton cash cow known as Goldman Sachs
An investment firm that when it came to paying the Clintons never lacked
He formed a hedge fund that like Hillary’s server wiped their investments--a complete disaster
The art of picking the right investment deals he must have failed to master
There is income inequality rampant in this great land
And under another Clinton term it will increase and get completely out of hand
A teacher could work for five years  in an inner city school fearing for one’s life and not make as much as a Clinton speech of less than an hour
Paid not to for its enlightment of the words or the artistry of the presentation but only for the payment to access the seats of power
Chelsea has won the spoon of gold not the Bush silver spoon
Hillary looks down at us and the Sanders supporters and anyone else that cannot line her pockets as mere buffoons
Children of candidates should never be fair game but Trump’s children were taught the value of actual, productive work
A full day, every day on the job site is a goal in which they wanted to excel and not  results or the lessons of failure to shirk
We are dealing with the Clintons in a pattern of pay to play and corruption too complex to reduce to the one minute sound bite that voters can retain
On November 8 the legions of the DOJ will not be in the voting booths to protect her so if we mere mortals fail to vote her out, hang our heads in abject shame
The link below might help the voters to make the right choice
Reading it will help the basement or lost generation regain their voice
© October 2, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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