Friday, October 21, 2016

More Pay To Play On Display

This poet with Michael Dukakis’s policies found little to agree
In addition to looking like Alfred E. Newman in an M-1 tank, he was a soft on crime devotee
As more and more hacked emails are revealing the pay to play corruption of Bill and HRC
I may have judged him too hard for his observation that I find hard to with disagree
When asked during the campaign whether Bush should be held accountable as the number two Red
He replied with an old Greek proverb that “a fish rots first down from its head”
So appropriate as the flood of hacked emails from aides to the Clintons and the Foundation are being released
Showing a 24/7 pattern of pay to play corruption that never subsided and never ceased
Millions upon millions of dollars to Bill for bogus speaking fees and donations to the Foundation
Many from the worst of the worst when it comes to treatment of gays and women nations
The corruption stench emanating gets worse and worse each and every day
Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media this scandal is not going to go away
In true Clinton defense mode her campaign has tried to divert attention of the content
By raising outrage that the Russians are the hackers who to WikiLeaks the emails were sent
Raising the inference that Trump is a puppet of Putin which is pathetically absurd
Given her record with the Russians at State, it should be obvious that she would be preferred
So typical when caught with their hands in the proverbial corruption cookie jar
The Clinton campaign howls that the good deeds of the Foundation should excuse the acts including a $1 million dollar gift to Bill from Qatar
Both the FBI and the DOJ has been corrupted their integrity in shambles
Having four more years of an Obama clone is a disastrous losing gamble lo dot worth
Trump has his warts as more allegations of sexual abuse from years ago
Come forth from more women as both campaigns sink to new seedy lows
Trump has it right—it is time to the federal swamp drain from Foggy Bottom
In this change election all the way to the White House this autumn  
      © June 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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