Monday, October 24, 2016

13 Gamblers Bust After Leaving Red Earth Casino

Life is known to be uncertain, to be precious and to be lived with a purpose to its full extent
One never knows when to Hell or Heaven that person may without warning will be sent
If you want the excitement of a casino’s thrills
A chance to come back with purse or wallet stuffed with hard won hundred dollar bills
Jump on board a tour bus for the hot times at the tables at Thermal’s Red Earth
A chance to see if Lady Luck will smile or put a dent in your net worth
Gamblers up in their senior years may sense they are running out of chances to roll the dice or spin the wheel
Or hope the odds will favor a black jack or a dealer bust when the dealer deals
So the casino tour from L.A. lasts all day into the wee early morning hours
To then leave with a smile on a gambler’s face or with a now near empty wallet and  looking very dour
Whether a smile or a face quite dour all were soon quickly asleep
Never to awake to see the semi they at too high a speed would greet
One moment it’s pleasant dreams or nightmares and the next you’r covered in blood and bruises
For 13 gamblers on that bus their lives near Palm Springs they would quickly lose
Dead humans never get to express their fears of an unexpected unforeseen death
Nor the chance to tell their loved ones they love them before their last dying breath
We can only hope and pray that each and every one of the thirteen gamblers had lived a life full and complete

And the report when released will insure if mechanical failure that more inspections to be required to keep unsafe buses off our roads and streets. 
© October 24.2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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