Sunday, October 23, 2016

Moore Goes To New Low With Legal Terrorist Claim

Hillary and her supporters continue to decency and civility defile
Michael Moore leading the charge demanding we treat Trump like a pedophile
Moore believes he is crazy and like a pedophile must be isolated from us to our children protect
Totally over the top uncalled for and even Hillary should such comparisons reject
Moore uses a new term to expand on the deplorables and unredeemables Trump supporters designation
In his delusional view any Trump supporter is a political terrorist and deserves only eternal damnation
Not to be outdone failed candidate O’Malley says with a straight face and a serious, non joking voice
Freedom or fascism is on the ballot the real issue to be decided by the voters’ choice
Of course in O’Malley’s view Hillary means freedom and Trump is a fascist
If Trump is elected, our freedoms will cease to exist
What an absolute and complete crock!
As paid Blue operatives are trying to Trump rallies block
Admitting on tape how to get dead or noncitizens to vote and force Trump supporters to themselves defend
Sadly 16 more agonizing days until this bitter election finally comes to an end
If as expected Hillary is the person who wins
The really agony to this country will then begin
© October 23.2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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