Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Real Threat To Our Democracy Is Not Concerns Over A Rigged Election

          According to Obama, Trump’s allegations of voter fraud and a rigged election are a threat to our democracy. Just like his analogy to Obamacare as a starter home as premiums and deductibles are increasing at astronomical rates reveals the extent of his delusions which even his oratorical genius cannot obscure.  On the real threat to our democracy, he once again is completely delusional. The threats to our democracy which have been growing unabated during his tenure as president are the politization of the AG, DOJ and the IRS and, as evidenced by the bogus investigation of Hillary Clinton, the corruption of the FBI. When Lady Justice is no longer blind and the pursuit of justice is to be measured by one’s political beliefs and acts, our republic, our democracy is in grave danger.  
         Hillary Clinton’s acts with her private server intentionally set up not as a convenience but to meet her paranoia needs for secrecy and nontransparency and to conceal the quid pro quo activities of the Clinton Foundation are felonies and if conducted by anyone else with a last name other than Clinton would have merited a grand jury, indictment and more likely than not a conviction. Hillary on the campaign loves to when asked how she will pay for her massive planned spending increase—“Follow the money.” In dealing with the Clintons and their foundation we should follow the same advice. Just follow the money to Bill’s pockets for speeches and donations to the Foundation from foreign governments and entities with business before the State Department and it is next to impossible not to reach the conclusion that she was engaging in a criminal quid pro quo enterprise. When recent emails leaked by WikiLeaks show even her closest advisers revealing their concerns over conflicts of interest you know you have a problem.
        We are supposed to be a nation governed by the rule of law. How can that ever be stated by our leaders with a straight face or even believed by the citizens of this great nation when the Attorney General has a meeting on a tarmac with Bill Clinton prior to the FBI interviewing Hillary to discuss “golf and grandchildren.”? How gullible does Ms. Lynch and this president expect us to be? Had there been a Veritas recorder on board, a sure, safe bet would be that Bill would have implied to Lynch that she would remain in office as AG or be nominated to the Supreme Court on a Hillary victory with Lynch confirming that Hillary had nothing to worry about as she and the president had already decided that, regardless of what had been or would be discovered, no criminal indictment would be sought regardless of what the FBI wanted.
        The Kerner Report indicated there are two nations in the U.S., one white and one black. Obama’s and Lynch’s actions show clearly that there are two systems of justice, one for mere mortals and the other for the Clintons. Ask retired four star general “Hoss” Cartwright as he awaits sentencing for misleading the FBI or ask General Petreaus (whose 1,000 plus emails to Hillary have suddenly disappeared on the face of this planet) whose career was ruined for sharing classified material not with the Russians or whoever else hacked into her private email server if they believe Lady Justice is blind. Allowing Hillary to remain above the law and then electing her with media bias and with or without voter fraud is the true threat to our democracy. Time for this president so preoccupied with preserving his failed legacy to take his blinders off, pardon her as a means to attempt to unite this nation like Ford did with Nixon, withdraw his support for her and urge voters to vote their conscience.

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