Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Three Front War

When it comes to bias the mainstream media are in a frenzy to make sure the voters pull the lever to the  Donald dump
Anything and everything from softball questions for Hillary to becoming another debater against Trump
In war the first casualty is truth when it comes to the Press
Losses in battle or loss of morale even the most objective journalists will suppress
When it comes to politics and the journalists who advocate instead of just reporting the news
The mainstream media is in a feeding frenzy, pedal to the metal, to make sure Trump will lose
The slightest misstep by him will be pounced on, magnified and demonized to aid the Blues
While the scandals involving pay to play or her private email server are largely excused
The Germans in World War II made the mistake of fighting a two front war
It took a lot of dead Russians but only a question of time before the Red Army would be knocking at Berlin’s door
A credit to Trump who unlike Hillary did not have to run and could have chosen only to mind the many resorts’ stores
But did so because his nation was for effective leadership in dire need
For love of country and not for pay to play unrestrained greed.
Is after being in the primary in which in spite facing opponents 16 to 1
In which he finally was the only Red still standing and had decisively  won
Still not having to a one front war against Hillary to wage
No he’s on three fronts each time he steps onto the debate stage
One front is Hillary which is to be welcomed and expected
The second front is the media who will do anything to prevent him from being elected
The third front In the same way Caesar on the way to the Senate was mortally surprised
Not by his enemies but by “friends” like Brutus who came out of the shadows to bring his demise
The “leaders” of the Reds led by Ryan have against Trump tried to cut the rug out from beneath him
Shades of the Bull Moose party that guaranteed Wilson would the election win.
This is the end of the Republican Party who in eight years of Obama’s transformation of country failed to prevent
With a loss of Senate and House and four new justices we will be saddled with maybe decades of  imperial presidents
Each above the Constitution, each above the law
Led by Hillary’s example who is infected with that character flaw
© October 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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