Tuesday, October 25, 2016

HRC Praises Putin In Private Slam's Trump In Public For Same Thing Hypocrisy Thy Name Is HRC

More WikiLeaks released yesterday continue to show that Hillary is a split personality with two contrary positions
Designed to deceive and obfuscate her beliefs and further her ends justify the means political ambitions
One is the private how she really feels as expressed in released contents of a Goldman Sachs speech
The other in public asking for votes in her annoying monotone screech
Fueled by obscene payments for an hour of her words
She wishes we could have better relations with Putin but in public she thinks that is absurd
Slamming Trump for urging for the same thing and worse urging the Russians to her and her aides’ emails hack
She may lack honesty and integrity but when in comes to hypocrisy that is a trait she does not lack
In public she is the crusader for equal pay for women for equal work
Leaked emails show a private different view in paying Foundation women and equal pay she shirks
When it comes to the Foundation’s higher executive positions it’s like being in the Great Land
Where men outnumber women and female boat captains are a miniscule underpaid band
In public at Wall Street she rails and vows for more regulations and that no bank is too big to fail
And protected by a corrupted FBI “investigation” and a politicized DOJ no individual is too big to jail
In private she with a wink says Dodd Frank was a reaction that had to be done for political reasons
That she is not interested in pointing fingers at anyone after she victoriously leaves the election season
You know when one of her long time aides on an email leaked on the speech says “It’s pretty bad.”
So true and a window into situational ethics that make her public positions never ironclad
As a bonus we see that Obama, that tyrant with a pen, and with the period, a fraud and liar
He didn’t learn of her server from the press as he was receiving her emails from her server dressed in asbestos pants to protect him from a fire
Instead of a face looking forward and a face looking back into the past she is revealed
As the Hillary Roman Janus god with a public face so her real thoughts  in private can be concealed
All voters in this election should ape her with a public face to voting for Trump never admit
But in the voting booth put on their private face and vote for Trump as this liar for president is really unfit
© October 25, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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