Monday, October 31, 2016

Holder Jumps Into Comey's Letter Fray

Eric Holder the most politicized AG in the history of the DOJ
Steps into the Comey reopening Hillary’s email scandal fray
Claiming that Comey is an honorable man but has violated long standing protocol
This from a man who did everything in his power to investigation of attacks by the IRS stall
This from a man who ignore House subpoenas of his bungle “Fast and Furious” plan
That caused the death on a Border Patrol agent cut down with one of the DOJ’s guns on the Arizona sands
This from a man who in a New York second would without any facts
Dispatch civil rights teams whenever police shot and killed an unarmed black
Holder as an AG had one primary job and that was to from political attacks on Obama shield
A job done well and passed on to Lynch to keep Hillary not indicted and in the election field
The threat to our democracy is not from honest men and women like Comey of the FBI
But politicized men and women like Holder, Lynch and McCabe whose wife on $675k relied
For her failed  campaign for a Virginia State Senator’s spot
While her hubby was overseeing HRC’s email investigation—what corrupt rot
The money came from Terry McAullife’s PAC also investigated by the McCabe’s team at the FBI
A Clinton long time lap dog no wonder “Drain the Swamp” is such an appealing cry
© October 31, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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