Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Commander In Collusion Master Of Delusion

This nation has survived almost 8 years of Obama’s feckless lack of leadership
Of numerous attempts to basic rights like religion and the right to bear arms strip
We as a nation manage to survive and Obama will be relegated to history’s trash heap
We will survive another Clinton in the oval office although our rendezvous with destiny will be harder to keep
We can live without the next president being a Red
But we are on a death spiral if our Constitution will be torn to shreds
And the integrity of our free press and institutions like the DOJ and the FBI corrupted by political views
Or the armed forces changing Intel to fit the policy needs of the Blues
Midas had a touch to turn everything into objects of gold
The Clintons have a touch and skill to turn every office into something that can be sold.
More and more emails involving the DOJ the idea when it came to Hillary any objectivity to reject
Hardly a surprise when Holder the most political AG a president has chosen to select
Thumbed his nose at Congress and ruled the DOJ with an absolute political iron fist
When it came to the IRS and Lois Lerner any attempts to a special prosecutor to tooth and nail resist
It would appear the DOJ when it came to preventing an objective investigation by the FBI were working hand in glove
To prevent exposure of a crime or crimes due to pressure from Obama from above
Objectivity with Loretta Lynch trying in secret to meet Bill on her private plane
To talk about “grandchildren” she must believe that we mere mortals are insane
The FBI was corrupted; Comey sold to the Obama and Clinton devils his soul
With obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, a course of conduct that clearly indicates pay to play
A complete breach of duties to prevent from the hackers our classified info to be put on display
She violated the law and Comey knew it and unless pardoned by Obama she would be in prison big time
Where was the grand jury, where were the subpoenas where was the turning of aides for these crime?
DOJ corrupted, FBI corrupted and the Intel of the armed forces cooking the Intel books
To hide the failures of Obama’s views on radical Islam to make disasters better look
 The odds are now stacked against this great nation more than ever before
We need to lower the odds against survival and  raise them for prosperity by voting against Hillary ever walking through the White House door.
© October 11, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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