Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Outrage At FBI and DOJ Over No Charges Against Hillary

It has taken over two months but the words of the palace revolt are leaking out
Career trial lawyers, career FBI agents are pissed that due to the politicized troika justice suffered a rout
Almost to a man and woman they who worked on the case wanted charges to be brought
Instead they and we witnessed a complete politicized rot
The whitewashing politicized troika of Comey, Obama and Lynch
Clearly in this case knew they were going to the pursuit of justice lynch
They sold not dearly but cheaply their souls
So Hillary flouting the good of this nation to achieve her personal goal
Obama’s motives for selling out the rule of law
Easy to explain with his narcissistic legacy protecting flaw
Had to stoop to any means to make sure Hillary would be elected
Despite the enthusiasm he knew Sanders could never by the voters be selected
Despite his pleas to Biden, Biden a run for the Oval Office he still rejected
Easy to explain the Loretta’s motives, this Obama lap dog from his demands would never flinch
Add to that and a bribe of a Supreme Court slot
So typical of how these Clinton felons their scandals fought
Comey’s motives are a complete mystery
How could he in 30 minutes erase a lifetime of integrity?
Hillary should have been indicted not that she would ever spend a second in jail
But at least justice would have ended her campaign trail
And two institutions that must if this Republic and its rule of law going to survive
Would have come out with their reputations intact and each member thereof able to hold his or her head high.
When November 8 comes around and you move to the voting booth to your ballot cast
Can you really vote for a felon above the law not only today but starting many, many years in the past?
Is this the kind of President you want your children to look up to?
One when it comes to honesty, integrity not to mention job creating skills is completely without a clue.
When you go to the polls do you really want a felon to rule completely unchecked?
Or would it make more sense to overwhelming two thirds Red majorities select?
To this poet who is outraged over what the troika did and holds this nation so very dear
The answer my friends and fellow Americans should be even to the most rabid Clintonites very, very clear 
© October 12, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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