Thursday, October 13, 2016

Michelle Is Shocked Over Trumps Comments

Michelle Obama is right that the comments supposedly made by Trump are “shocking and demeaning” for which he apologized
While the hypocrites of the world are coming out of the woodworks to sermonizer and Trump to demonize
Having oral sex with an intern is even more shocking and demeaning
As is Hillary’s piling on with the Looney Tunes bimbo steady streaming
Same with all the other women who alleged that they were harassed or raped by Bill
With Hillary the great enabler and trying with all her efforts to demonize, destroy and break their will
Since Bill’s inability to keep his zipper up time and time again
From him never a question of if but always when
Only an enabler like Hillary would not throw her husband after his transgression  out into the street
Unless without him by her side her lust for the power of the Oval Office would be doomed to defeat  
What shocks this poet from Alaska who believes women are gems and who all women reveres
Is the greed of Hillary and Bill to take money from countries in which women, lesbians and gays live in mortal fear
Money for the Foundation in exchange for favors in the classic pay to play
In lining their pockets a callous disregard for women’s rights from both on display
Money to Bill for speeches in exchange for favors from her
A women possessed by greed who could not resist the millions of dollars lures
Trump has apologized but from Hillary on the Foundation and the Clintons receiving millions not a peep
Being “dead broke” with a ten million dollar advance must mean the elitist life style of the Clintons is not cheap
I am shocked to my very inner core
That Michelle and Hillary supporters keep choosing to ignore
Her corruption of making her office a bazaar where all requests needed to be with money paid
Follow the money and the only conclusion is the quid pro quo trade
She has no record other than deceit and lying to us as a reflex action and skill in destroying her email tracks
Both candidates should be condemned but Trump at least has pushed women up through the glass ceiling and any job creating skills she completely lacks
© October 13, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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