Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Obama's Legacy Of Failure

For an egotistical narcissist like Obama a legacy has to be the main item on his plate
And to good riddance by half of the American population--what will be his legacy’s fate?
No one can read the tea leaves of history; but it one were to make a legacy bet
Front and center would be he came in second to Ike in golfing that others history will regret
Obamacare despite the Botox Lady’s mantra of affordable is on life support
Premiums and deductible climbing at double digit rates in the last report
A totally flawed system rammed down our throats with totally deception by Gruber and Obama
From its rollout complete with all the really costly ineptness drama
To the fiscal pain of rising premiums and deductible real life traumas
While the members of Congress are immune like caste Brahmas
Cutting and running like a dog with its tail between its legs giving a gift to radical Islam on a silver platter
The Middle East with an Iraq victory now if complete and utter tatters
Iran with sanctions no longer chained selling oil at over almost $200 million a day
So much money to fund terrorists to put us and Israel in harm’s way
Not to mention the nuclear armed missiles that will soon be able to reach our shores
While the threat of radical Islam he continued to ignore
He has gutted our military, making it a hollow shell
While doubling our national debt which will make it harder to sell
The only thing to his credit is that he will go done as a president who speaks very well
But divisive rhetoric devoid of any acts on the world stage of history will never sell
The other thing to his eternal damnation that unfortunately for us he seems to excel
He is campaigning for his corrupt clone to condemn us to four more years of Obama Hell
© October 25.2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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