Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bill--Obamacare Is "Crazy

Hillary needs the support of the Obama coalition
If she is to achieve her lifelong ambition
Her likability factors continue to sink which must cause even the most rabid supporters to gnash their teeth and moan
Sanders pushed her far to the left and she has been working 24/7 to make herself an Obama clone
Just when you thought this campaign could not even stranger theater create
Clinton, not Hillary, but Bill has just added new concerns to the campaign debate
Bill on the campaign trail called Obamacare “crazy” as premiums and deductibles continue to soar
Blues are shaking that premium increases like in Michigan of 67 percent will against them create a tidal wave of voter furor
One by one across the land the insurance exchanges have been shutting down
Proving the ACA model was flawed, the model was actuarially unsound
Cramming options like birth control and preexisting conditions down the insurers and policy holders throats
Another example of a bureaucracy within the Beltway uncaring and remote
Obama has acknowledged improvements need to be made to a loss of his legacy forestall
Obama has read the tea leaves and he sees the freotp if orhas seen the writing on the wall
The Reds have fought Obamacare tooth and nail for over six years
The Blues in the Senate under Reid have stymied every attempt to a repeal bill to the president steer
Worse the Reds seem not to have crafted what would replace Obamacare
If Trump has a plan very little of its details has he seen fit to share
Small steps like deductibility of premiums, health savings accounts, insurance across state lines are a good, small steps
Maybe what is needed in medical care is a completely new mindset
Too often we treat the symptoms and not the underlying causes
Too much smoking, too much drinking, too much obesity, too little attention to diet and exercise
Too many crushing HIPA regs that cause doctors too many dollars driving them to wish career plans they could revise
Too many tort lawyers to quick to race to the courthouse to sue
Driving up the number of tests to lower the risk of suits that many ensue
Too many dollars spent in the last month’s of a person’s  life to prolong not a joyful time on Earth
Only pain, immobility, loss of freedom, devoid of any laughter or mirth
A complex problem that sly Bill Clinton may have stuck it to Donald Trump
If the charge is to improve Obamacare not throw it out completely into the trash dump
Obamacare may be “crazy” but Bill is the ultimate political fox
The Reds may find themselves stuck in the confines of the improvement box
Who will be the more qualified to this really complicated 1/6 of our economy issue resolve?
A man who in the first debate did not take the time to prepare and after attacks on a beauty queen to devolve
Or a policy wonk who loves this sort of minutiae of complex detail?

She was quick to pronounce that Trump had not the temperament and she would not fail
© October 4, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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