Friday, October 28, 2016

FBI Reopening Clinton Email Probe

This has got to be another day that HRC will surely rue
The FBI just announced that its investigation of Clinton is not through
Presidents like wives may come and go but bureaucracies politicians usually outlast
One would not have to read the tea leaves to guess the FBI is not happy with the perception on this one it no longer had the integrity of the past
Comey was in an untenable position with Obama and Lynch on his neck breathing hard
It would not take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that no matter what an indictment was never in the cards
Although appointed to a ten year term, an FBI Director serves at the pleasure of the president Which means that Comey can be told to pack his bags and from his office home be sent
Supposedly the FBI has found more emails that may have classified material contained
Or maybe on the issue of intent HRC’s co-chair’s “I guess they wanted to get away with it refrain.”
Forced Comey to look long and hard into the mirror
His integrity and honor he finally decided he could not let disappear
Candidates come and go but the age old question of who watches the police will always remain
No wonder a growing responsive chord has been struck by Trump’s call to the D.C. swamp drain
This latest twist of an election season of twists and turns and retwists so unique
Heading to a finale and for Hillary another growing cloud of fitness doubt she will find hard to resist
On her claim to the White House yet another cloud
She cannot escape the perceived deception shroud
        © October 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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