Monday, October 24, 2016

Hillary Spent Lots Of Time And Money Trying To Distract Voters From Issues

When it comes to attacking an opponent Hillary is the Montgomery of political attacks
Slow, cautious, unwilling to take risks and takes her forever to move down the track
New WikiLeaks show that Hillary had a 150 plus briefing book in December 2015
Compiling dirt on Trump including his treatment of the Machado, the Miss Universe Beauty Queen
Although Trump claimed he saved her job because she had become obese
Hillary waited, waited, waited until in the first debate false accusations she could release
Slamming Trump for falsely calling this woman “Miss Household” and “Miss Piggy” due to her weight gain
Not true but very quickly thereafter his standing among women went down the drains
Most men are smart enough to know that you don’t ask a woman about her age or weight
And you certainly don’t keep attacking her and her character for days after the debate
In the world outside of politics real events move too often at lightning speed
When policy like in the Obama presidency is driven by politics complacency and surprise breeds
We need a change maker and Hillary will never change her spots
Sadly, helped by Trump’s tendency to off the cuff make remarks on women, Latinos and Muslims that are perceived to be over the top
Hillary staffed her State Department with loyalists to her to their inner core as the litmus test
No matter what a charge to protect her as opposed to the nation whose interests came out second best
If she is elected an iron curtain of nontransparency over the White House and federal agencies will descend
The rule of law will be ignored completely or at minimum great efforts she and her minions will try to bend
With a leftist majority on the Court, she will stick it to the “deplorables” and “unredeemables” again and again
16 days left to turn it around and when the polls close somehow, someway the voters to not her to the White House send
© October 24.2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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