Friday, October 28, 2016

More and More Pay to Play Corruption Thank You WikiLeaks

If you like to eat sausage, a bit of advice, never, ever see how it is made
If you like politics be prepared to be disgusted by the WikiLeaks parade
Revealing more and more of the Clinton corruption and stronger together charade
A complete disregard for voters, total disdain, when it comes to integrity a failing grade
A troika of pay to play corruption that even Hillary’s media super PAC cannot hide
Trump asks the blacks what do you have to lose? Come over to my side
Same question by Hillary and the answer would be something like this
Everything with four more years to seek further into the corruption swamp abyss
In the same way Hillary has been condemned by Trump and Sanders for a lack of judgment to a private server create
Not for convenience but in her aides’ words “to get away with it” while as Secretary of State
Thank God she did not order her aides to delete all emails the day she announced her run
With an edict going forward that emails as a means of communications they should shun
When people like Hillary feel they will never be caught and even if are above the law
They don’t take the steps to cover their electronic tracks which fortunately for us is a fatal flaw
She and Bill have scrapped the bottle of the barrel to come up with a credible defense
For the corruption, conflicts of interest so inherent in this widespread pay to play offense
Reduced to the lame defense of ignore the pay to play because of all the good work the Foundation has done
Nice try but the growing cries to drain the swamp in the next 12 days they will not be able to outrun.   
        © Ooctober 28, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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