Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pence Wins Debate And Quijano Looks Like A Biased Clinton Lapdog

The only nice thing to say after watching the debate  about Kaine
Is that it is easy to rhyme his name
How low can a candidate for this office  go to falsely claim
That by using a loss carry forward Trump supports not our vets—so very lame
What a great pair, peas in a pod--Hillary the great corrupter
Her lap dog who should have also barked the great interrupter
Pence to his credit, his integrity and ethics did not roll in the mud to come up with fleas
A high road to reach out to the voters on issues to make his plea
As for Elaine Quijano what an absolute biased joke
Images of Baghdad Bob’s bias reporting her performance does evoke
She came off as a Candy Crowley clone lacking only the excess weight
When it came to objectivity her skills were at best third or fourth rate
We face a fundamental game changing choice
No matter how hard the left media tries to distort our voice
When the hand meets the lever and it is time to a president after all these months select
In whom can you believe and why would you not a lying, deceiving person  reject?
Trump does not need this job and in fact to hold it would be a sacrifice very great
Given her pay to play record as Secretary for Hillary it’s the gold ring to her financial greed to try to sate
One can only hope if one is a Red
That this time Trump is prepared for the next debate ahead
Too bad Ms. Leftist did not ask either candidate about the FBI destroying the lap tops of Clinton’s aides
Or the DOJ dropping its Mark Turi who at Clinton’s request advised State on how to circumvent rules against a Libyan arm trade
Softball questions to Kaine prompted often with a quote from Trump
While to Pence Ms. Leftist by a factor of 8 to 1 she tried so hard to stump
In the aftermath of the talking heads analysis on MSNBC the broadcaster was conducting a phone in poll to see how many would change a vote or get off the undecided fence
Only 16 percent indicated that they would cross over and after watching Kaine and Ms. Leftist perform, my guess would be by a margin of 8 to 1 they would shift to Trump and Pence 

October 5, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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