Saturday, October 1, 2016

If India Can Do It On Taxes So Can We

Time for an application of monkey see, monkey do
Look at what India did and how income quickly grew
An amnesty for Indians to hidden and undisclosed income to have reported
A four month window of amnesty will bring in from 64,000 taxpayers whose prior returns the amount of income was shorted
The move will into the government’s coffers almost 5 billion dollars in  tax revenues bring
More money that most likely would have never been recovered has a nice ring
In the U.S. there may be in excess of two trillion dollars of profits that are located offshore which will, given our tax rates, not return
Profits that would raise revenues, put more money into shareholders’ pockets to spend or invest and raises for what workers earn
Trump has made suggestions that this is found money that we need to get back to help us create jobs and infrastructure improve
As long as it remains offshore due to our high tax rates, Americans in term of jobs and income will continue to lose
Our tax system is so complicated and fraught with loopholes and social engineering schemes
That it is turning into a chilling nightmare of what once was known as the American Dream
On the Red side Trump is too busy tweeting during the early morning and late evening hours
Trying to keep Hillary from achieving her desired White House power
On the Blue side 24/7 a Blue rhetoric war of sexist, racist, xenophobic homophobic and Islamophobic assaults
We have no chance of intelligence discourse on how to open up the overseas’ profit vaults
Bush tried a tax holiday and it brought in billions of tax dollars
But not accompanying by removing or lessening the regulatory collars
Did not achieve many of its job creating aspirations
We are a smart people and can learn, tweak the program to aid in better job creation

© October 1, 2016, Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet 
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