Sunday, November 1, 2020

Two Futures Biden's Dark and Gloomy Trump's Bright and Prosperous


Dickens wrote of a Tale of Two Cities London in England and Paris in France
Today near election we hear two different futures into which this nation will advance
One is a dark winter where a killer virus is causing people to drop like flies
Where healing the racial divide and wounds we do not even try
Where hope is lost, the soul is lost and our best days as a nation have faded behind
A dark and gloomy future what Biden touts if he does not the Trump presidency unwind
The other is a V recovery that immediately turns south and becomes a M
Followed by an economy flatlined with prosperity not in near future to be seen again
The time honored checks and balance of the filibuster to come to an end
Puerto Rico and the Swamp to now to the Senate 4 new Blues to send
SCOTUS to be packed with leftist judges and judicial independence to be mocked
Massive tax increases and barriers to illegals flooding across border blocked
A once vibrant economy on the path to a Venezuelan like disaster
A future as seen by Trump if he does not Biden master
Both candidates solemnly intone
If they win we have a future in the prosperity zone
We have no crystal ball or ability to read tea leaves
A 47 year career politician whose past 8 year record on the economy fails to pass muster
Or an outsider who before the virus had economic success for all of unmatched luster
Who has already started in record time and amounts to a recovery mount
With vaccines and therapeutics almost here to any CV problems surmount
Add to the fact his mental state has all cylinders firing
His devotion to do what’s best for this country never tiring
No fears that he is a Manchurian Candidate
Due to shady deals by a son with a foreign
Clear choice—Trump’s future is one where the best days are ahead
Biden’s future is dark and gloomy with economic stagnation to dread

 © October 31, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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