Wednesday, November 25, 2020

CDC Says CV and Outdoor Dining NO Link, LA. Outdoor Eating Ban Brings Restaurants to B/K Brink


Early on in the CV Pandemic, Blues felt an economy damaged by it would be Trump’s Achilles’ heel
With a surging economy replacing a sitting president would have little appeal
So Biden came out of his bunker to intone on CV Trump was MIA
Oblivious the deaths and new cases occurring each and every day  
With deaths climbing and to Trump’s efforts like on vaccine the MSM paid little heed
To win an economy devastated by lockdowns and more stimulus block would be all they would need
For Reds, sadly they were right
Trump’s electoral majority evaporated after mail-in votes were tallied after Election Night
Trump’s claims of election fraud look more and more like a losing dead end
Barring a miracle not easily foreseen on January 20 to the Oval Office we will Biden send
So to L.A. County Supervisors, Mayor Garcetti and Newsom a news flash—Biden has won
With your efforts to derail the economy you should be over and done
L.A. County this week has closed not only indoor dining but also dining outdoors
Another nail in the restaurant industry coffin, more restaurants will be in business no more
The County claims that the science on the virus in stopping the spread it follows
A recent CDC report that has no link between infection and outdoor dining makes the claim ring hollow
Our public employees and elected officials are being paid so they are without pain
While in the industry despair and desperation reign
If the elected officials would have their pay docked
These draconian economic measure might be blocked
© November 25, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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