Thursday, November 19, 2020

Big Fredo Hecotrs Others To Admit Mistakes But On CV Nursing Homes Death Refuses To Admit Errror


Most of us accept the need to admit mistakes
Failure to do so will mean a error repetition path you will take
Governor Cuomo goes on the air to urge admission by others of their errors
As in New York they are facing a growing reign of CV terror
Great advice that it would do well for most of us to follow
But from the likes on Cuomo on his nursing home massacre it rings hollow
When the CV pandemic first started taking root on our shores
The lesson loud and clear that no leader paying attention should ever ignore
This was a virus that was far too easy to airborne be spread
But unlike others the young were not easily infected and the were to become quickly dead
Where in this land could you find the most concentration of seniors over 65
Nursing homes and Assisted Daily Living where many would not long survive
Cuomo worried about the rising infection rate and worried about bed space
So he ordered positive cases to be moved to nursing homes and ADL’s to have bed capacity in place
Nursing homes were not equipped to stop the CV spread
Quickly their morgues filled up and had to rent refrigerated trucks instead
As patients in New York Nursing Homes were dying like flies
Took Cuomo months to further admission of infected patients deny
To this day he has never accepted any blame nor to a mistake admit
Spends most of his time blaming Trump and others in a wrath that won’t quit
A Pfizer vaccine will very soon be ready to inject
With Cuomo making noises, Trump’s distribution plans he wants to reject
More blood on his hands having to wait until after Inauguration Day
Classic example of what happens when biased politics gets in the way
With Chris, two biased Fredos in a pod
We need to listen not as their views are flawed

© November 18, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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