Monday, November 30, 2020

Old Emails Castigating Biden May Haunt OMB Nominee


Neera Tanden if by the Senate confirmed would be the first Indian-American to head OMB
Harris and she could be a perfect pair if Biden soon subject to 25th and Harris is off on spending spree
Slight problem for her is that emails have a tendency to never die
Would her email view of Biden in 2015 compared to Clinton have caused him to her nomination now deny?
 She felt that by comparison Biden would make Hillary look far better
Hard to believe as Biden is viewed as likable and Hillary unlikability a trait she could never unfetter
Good thing for her is that Biden’s memory of the past is mostly shot
A five year old slam against him he has most likely forgot
As Biden in the accolades of the MSM for his victory continues to bask
Interesting to know that people who know him well may believe he’s not up to the task
Probably why the pet psychic was called in
To claim Champ and Major told her he would be the best president who has ever been
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