Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Friday for Retailers and Cal Football Team for First Big Game Played on Friday


Black Friday is best known for the day of retail shopping when retailers leave the of sea of red ink
A day so warmly welcomed by businesses that have been trying to leave the coming insolvency brink
But today on the sporting scene for the first time after 138 years
For one team another Black Friday in a different meaning  appears
The Big Game before an empty Cal stadium was played
For the rights to take home the Axe to their home campus to display
Stanford looking to avenge last year’s breaking of a nine year win streak
Met Cal with a team that was 0 and 2 for a season start looking bleak
Cal marched down the field barely slowed
Cardinal alums worrying that another loss would soon show
But the Bear tide soon turned into a slugfest with both teams going in for scores
But penalties, fumbles and blocked kicks would make the Bears suffer more
A punt fumble that turned into 6 points, a blocked field goal and a interception by penalty called back
In the end at 24-23 to tie Cal defense against a point after Stanford rush lacked
Still with Stanford illegal celebrations moving the kickoff forward 15 yards
A last attempt if Stanford against the onsite kick could not successfully guard
Too eager Cal was whistled off sides
With three timeouts could still stop Stanford and a chance to victory ride
Not to be as on third down Stanford ran for 5 to move the chains
Winning the game and Axe despite not being able to listen from its band “It’s all right now” refrains
College football brings all who watch or play to such emotional highs or lows
No wonder we now face a better, safer day as CV vaccines to the public will soon start to go

© November 27, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet
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