Monday, November 9, 2020

Cuomo Rants Pfizer Is ""ad News" Urges Blue Governors to Block Distribution

 The market took off like a rocket with the results of Warp Speed
Unprecedented in terms of  a vaccine to in the CV pandemic fight we need
Trump lost the election because Biden with MSM played the card that Trump on VD was MIA
Not choking on the crow feathers as a Trump Warp Speed vaccine is coming into play
The Governor who should be forever known as the Nursing  Home Murdered is showing his face
Blasting the news of a 90% effective Pfizer CV vaccine as “Bad news” in complete disgrace
Calling up Blue Governors to its the distribution hinder and stall
Not because it’s not safe but because for its success Biden won’t be able to spike the ball
Anyone listening to him on this should want to puke
Should have been recalled on Nursing Home Deaths to not have to wait for two years to him rebuke
The only thing Andrew did well for he will not be missed
Was tag team inanities with his “journalist” TDS Stage 4 brother Chris
To while the Nursing Home patients were dying alone like flies to at Trump point finger of blame
He merits a involuntary manslaughter indictment to go with his total lack of any shame

© November 9, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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