Sunday, November 22, 2020

Biden So Far Silent On Breathe Act and BLM Demands==Fear Red Midterm Sweep?


Rashida Tlaib a rabid leftist who once again proves her ideas are out of whack
Has introduced legislation misnamed the Breathe Act
Better name would be Choke Off Public Safety Bill
Release repeat violent offenders to maim and murder at will
Close federal prisons and immigration detention center for illegals caught
Use of tasers as alternative to firearms to now come to naught
When dealers in drugs laced with fentanyl are pushing  products that kill
May go scot free under drug decriminalization in her bill
Like all leftists she could not BLM goody bag demands resist
Reduction of police budgets and reduce military on her list
Biden so far has been unwilling with her and BLM on their policy demands to meet
This wily career politician may still remember was author of 94 Crime Act to bring safety to our streets
If any of his brain cells from that time are active he may fear a massive midterm House and Senate defeat
Voters may have voted for him because they were fooled with Blame Trump for CV” and the false “Trump CV fight retreat”
Hopefully as they very soon line up for the vaccine created by Trump’s Warp Speed
As the economy and safety is in shambles the MSM Biden protection and call to vote Blue they will not heed.
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