Sunday, November 1, 2020

In Pro Biden MSM Wall Some Cracking Due to Biden's Lying on Fracking


Biden must be in trouble sensing a Red surge
From his bunker he has timidly started to emerge
On a Sunday with oxygen tanks probably out of sight
He is going to schedule 2 "rallies" to help him in this election fight
In Pennsylvania a Pittsburgh paper has endorsed Trump calling Biden "frail"
Perfect portrayal for one to hide his faded mental acuity in a bunker not on campaign trail
Even at the Cack News Network a slight crack in the pro Biden charade
Jake Tapper slammed  for not correcting a guest lying on Biden never said he would ban fracking parade 
Jake Tapper is a perfectly named “journalist” for a network that spews anti-Trump cack
Only the sounds of silence from Jake as his guest lies about Biden’s opposing frack
Bias has so clouded Tappers mind he evidently forgot
His own fact checker at CNN says a ban on fracking Biden has sought
CNN’s noted anti-Trump fact checker Danial Dale
Unlike his cohorts at CNN from the truth on fracking did not bail
An honesty in journalism he richly deserves
As the cult of fake new CNN too often strives to preserve
Shame on a sounds of silence on lies from “journalist” Jake Tapper
The untruthful anti-Trump rants from him belong flushed down the nearest crapper

© November 1, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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