Monday, November 30, 2020

How Many Out of State People Will Try to Vote in Georgia Senate Runoff? Lots Most Likel;y


There are probably millions of voters in the nation and in the State of Georgia who may feel the election was a sham
Now fears that the runoff election for Senate will bring thousands of nonresidents  liberals to vote to into the Senate 2 Blues jam
Already Stacey Abrams is touting the fact of 750,000 absentee ballots that will be sent in
Millions of dollars from liberal groups are now flooding the state to assure Blue wins
It is a felony in Georgia for a non resident to move into the state for the purpose of a vote to cast
Anyone believes rabid liberal supporters would not do that is living far back in the past
The Georgia Secretary has already issued a “paper” toothless warning that felonies come from such acts
Instead of passing a law that anyone moving here after November 3, the right to vote in the runoff that person will lack
The honor system in voting and obeying election laws is now dead
The Blues with their mail-in voting subject to fraud know that but not the Reds
If there was voter fraud in Georgia that resulted in Trump’s defeat
You can take it to the bank in the Senate runoff elections there will be a repeat.
If groups are conspiring to send absentee ballots to voters outside the state
Only prompt felony arrests against culprits and leader will make the practice abate
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