Sunday, November 22, 2020

Oregon Governor Brown Thinks She Leads Stasi Urges Neighbors to Rat On Neighbors If They Violate Her CV Mandates


Oregon is about as left as left can be
As Oregon Governor Kate Brown unveils her plans to stop the CV killing spree
Indoor restaurant dining banned only take out
Gyms, museums and other recreational venues as to being open are out scout
Grocery and retail stores open at capacity of 75 percent
Visits to nursing homes and long term care banned which to protect elderly makes some sense
Private indoor and outdoor gatherings limited to only 2 households and attendees no more than 6
But here is the rub she urges neighbors if they see gathering violations to pick up phone on violators the police sic
Shades of the fear of living in East Germany with its Stasi secret police
For neighbors to count cars and attendees to  rat on neighbors and the dogs of oppression to unleash
Already Oregon law officials are politely and bureaucratically \ telling Brown on this to pound sand
When will Oregonians and the rest of us on the assault to our Constitution regain the upper hand
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