Friday, November 27, 2020

Back to the Future Thanksgiving Day Shutdowns


Driving around So Cal on a Thanksgiving Day
Seemed like a Back to the Future set on display
No crew cuts or Elvis like combed hair
Or beehives for women beyond compare
No cars with fins and lots of chrome
V-8s with lousy mileage when you wanted to roam
But a nation  save gas stations shut down
Meals served only at family gatherings in the town
Restaurants closed up tight save maybe one that served Chinese
Without a home to go to to eat one was in a world of caloric grieve
On the corner like now the Salvation Army pots were far and few between
The Santa’s were not in the stores like last year after Halloween
Thanksgiving thanks to raging deadly spike of COVID
Had boarded up its restaurants in an attempt to its spread upon us rid
Simpler time when Grandmas or Mothers ruled the Thanksgiving Roost
And maybe guests brought favored side dishes to the caloric feast boost
Where the man of the house not a restaurant chef a huge bird he would carve
At this hours long feast clear that tryptophan would rule and no one would starve
Without restaurants to feast and not wanting to pick at a meal alone
One has to be with family or close friends to be invited in their home
But limits today on number and time and urges to eat outside
To avoid the cold weather may be forced to excessively imbibe
At least today if allowed to arrive before the carving of the bird
On a couch socially distanced watching football in a empty stadium not hearing a cheering or booing word
On the outside a different changed Thanksgiving for sure
Fingers crossed that next year we will be awash in the vaccine cure
But on the inside to count our blessings for what is on our plate
Lucky beyond belief to be a passenger on this American ship of state.
© November 27, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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