Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Veterans Day November 11, 2020



The American military in 245 years has a record rarely beat
Of sacrifice, skill and bravery to win a war
Or foresight to prepare to keep the peace
Rarely to land conquest to seek
Save for grave sites to its fallen keep
Called to the colors to a nation defend
Or pursue a cause its leaders thought was just
Even in Vietnam where many felt betrayed in our trust
Today we are in a deadly war with an enemy unseen
Total war with mostly civilians in harm’s way
Our vaunted deterrence chained
Too many suffer or die alone
Today we honor our vets who have served
In the past with parades, barbecues, ceremonies and sales
Today with an unseen enemy, a different holiday tale
No crowded streets in parade watching form
No speeches, few picnics, mostly online buys
Only flags and flowers in graveside rows
Numbers still growing as vets of prior wars pass
We honor and mourn hoping a vaccine cavalry will appear
The next time on Veterans Day free to pay proper respect
Today visit with your memories, gratitude express
A small graveside visit, a Wounded Warrior check
A job to a vet to a thank you for your service enhance
Lessons to your children to later honor and respect
A prayer that sometime in a future maybe far, far away
No more living veterans only history to review
Until that future to honor our vets
Support those serving who hold the passed batons

© November 11, 2020 Michael P. Ridley aka the Alaskanpoet

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