Friday, November 13, 2020

Big Fredo Conspires to Delay Pfizer Vaccine


We have two Fredos on the domestic scene
Little Fredo is the CNN “journalist” from hypocrisy and anti Trump bias he cannot be weaned
The other is Big Fredo because as Governor of New York he has more juice
Infamous for sending CV infected seniors into nursing homes to kill as it ran loose
Big Fredo must have enjoyed the thrill of suffering relatives seeing their parents or grandparents die
With the Pfizer vaccine effective at 95% he wants to conspire with Blues to the public deny
Claims Trump is vindictive and will skew distribution to punish New Yorkers and him
As he wants to delay distribution for Biden as he shuts down worship, restaurants, retail and gyms
Big Fredo must have due to Biden support wanted to ape his mental acuity fade
Forgot the USNS Comfort, Army Corps of Engineers, PPP and ventilators aid
Wants to wait for Biden and have New Yorkers with no vaccine die
Worsened by Zeke’s demands of global distribution even if Americans will be denied
Both Fredos have lost it and seem to be getting worse
Voters can’t fire Little Fredo but Big Fredo can be sent home in the rejected reelection hearse

© November 13, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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