Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Social Media CEO Monkeys See No Censorship Really?


This nation was built on a free press and free speech not censorship
The Founding Fathers feared a powerful government to seal opposing lips
In their wildest dreams they could not have ever foreseen
That an internet curtain would be a part of our political scene
The troika of Facebook, Google and Twitter sent their CEO’s to the Hill
To try to spread the algorithms’ oil to prevent censorship banning bills
Listening to their denials and excuses coming across as a pathetic try
Facts on censorship of conservative ideas the facts kill their attempts to deny
May be hard to convince Blues since they are not in the social media bulls eye
Might come on board if curb on personal info upon which their ad revenue relies
Or convince them that pendulums can swing left and then swing right
They too might in the future be targeted in this censorship fight
Dorsey in his appearance should show some respect
Looks like a deranged Rasputin giving us another reason for his acts to reject

© November 17, 2020 The Alaskanpoet

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